Guarantee is fully covered by the manufacturer’s instructions to use, mainly not to use in/soak in water, soak with lime / chemical / cement water etc… as the leather used is original & breathable. The sole is made of PU, which is resistant to Oil/Acid & Alkali. Even though the sole (PU area) has a resistance to withstand any such working condition, enough care should be taken by the user to protect the leather (upper part of the Shoe).This will protect the vulcanizing / moulding area which are normally very sensitive and weak.

We are sure that the above clarifications are clear expressions to understand the “Guarantee Terms.” We as a manufacturer, assure you that our guarantee of One Year will surely cover your risk, in return, we need you to leave necessary instructions to your workers to take care of the shoe from all the above mentioned adverse conditions.


Check the presence of the steel toecap and midsole antiperforation plate before using.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Clean the boot with neutral detergent.

Due to several factors such as moisture, storage, temperature etc. it is not possible to fix the valid time of use.

Boots are packed in cartons and cartons have to be stored in dry place with room temperature.